The Liberty Box


I didn’t know what to feel when I received my ARC (advance reading copy) of The Liberty Box by author C.A. Gray. The genre was new to me.  I was delighted to add dystopian fiction to my never-ending TBR.

The back story revolves around the Republic of America, the crushing tyranny of its potentate, and his abiding tribunal. As the story unfolds we learn from the characters about the totalitarian system they live in, and the formation of the republic that came to be after the economic collapse of the United States.

Kate Brandeis the heroine can be at times annoying. Nevertheless, she grows up on you as she matures, opens her eyes to the surrounding reality and starts fighting the system. Kate, with the help of Jackson the foreign rebel, not only expands her vision but starts to question all she was led to believe that’s proven untrue.

Jackson MacNamera, who was taught mind control, sees the world with his own eyes and not as we are led to view it. He discovers his purpose in life once he escapes capture and flees The Liberty Box.

The Liberty Box resonates in so many level. It is thought-provoking and believably real. It parallels a fictitious world to humanity’s present and future.

Series: Book 1 of The Liberty Box series

Source: I received this book to help promote the release of the second book in this series, The Eden Conspiracy, and in exchange for my honest review.


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