The Eden Conspiracy

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The Liberty Box was a first read in the genre in a long time. I did enjoy it so much, I embarked on The Eden Conspiracy, the second book in the Liberty Box trilogy by author C.A. Gray.

Gray, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, is also the author of the YA Fantasy Piercing the Veil trilogy.

I am relatively unfamiliar with the dystopian genre and the only New Adult novels I dabble in are fantasy books. So, this came as a surprise, I did not think I will enjoy reading the first two books in The Liberty box trilogy this much. Gray has a way to sway you between the realms of fiction and reality. The revolutionary theme and the autocratic regime reflect the real world we live in, its history and past uprising.

In The Eden Conspiracy we catch on with the protagonists facing their newly exposed existence, the destruction of the caves and the elimination of most of the refugees. Jackson MacNamera, Kate Brandies and the surviving rebels have Kate’s fiancé Will Anderson, a hacker who returned from the dead, to thank for their survival. As Will joins the remaining rebels, he divulges the Potentate’s international expansion plan and the new risks they are now facing.

The challenges the surviving rebels face create a divide among them. The Council, a once peaceful hierarchy structure, reveals itself as an authoritarian ruling system amongst the rebels. The Council’s plan to escape to New Estonia leaves little hope for success, their plan is full of flaws. On the other hand, the opposing rebels believe in the effectiveness of the freeing citizens from government control and spreading the truth.

As Kate takes a defining stand, her character evolves from the damsel in distress she was brainwashed to be, to the rebel she had been all along. Her newfound purpose pushes her to take the biggest risk as she embarks on a rescue mission to extract her brother from the Republic of America, which triggers a whole chain of events and tests her strength to withstand the government’s lies.

Without revealing further details and spoilers, The Eden Conspiracy has all the elements that will keep you hanging on your toes. As the story evolves, the reader’s predictions uncover one unexpected twist after the other and a mind blowing cliffhanger.

Gray has definitely surpassed herself in The Liberty Box sequel. For a YA, it is as appealing to a young audience as well as a more mature one.

Source: I received the second book in this series, The Eden Conspiracy, to help promote its release in exchange for my honest review.
Series: Book 2 of The Liberty Box series